Indoor Amenities

Parson Drove Village Hall is a large hall, complete with wooden floor to the center...perfect for dancing the night away. The edges and 'Nook' area between the kitchen hatch and bar are laid with carpet, along with the main internal door entry. 

The hall is totally wheelchair friendly, with disabled spaces right outside the main entrance and disabled toilets available, along with standard male and female toilets. 

We have a large separate kitchen in the hall, complete with oven, fridges, hot water dispensers, kettle and a large serving hatch. The is also a bar which can be hired at an extra cost. 

Some other facilities* we have are projector, PA sound system, small stage, fairy lights, Bain Marie, hot food display unit and industrial candyfloss machine

*Some may incur additional costs

If you would like booking or other information, please email us at